It’s about time to stir up the progressive music-scene
with a brand new solo artist straight from the alps.
Jean-Marc started shredding from the tender age of
nine, laying the groundwork for his obsession with
music and his goal of becoming a seriously skilled part of the prog scene.
His journey from being strapped to the guitar from such
an early age to receiving a music graduate degree in
Vienna ultimately led him to announce this major
milestone. NAUTILUS, his first solo EP released under
his stage name THE LAST CELL.
This instrumental work tells the story of the origin of life,
the fight for survival and the inevitable end of it all. A
tragic yet relatable story weaved into a varied musical
performance and conveyed without a single word. Hard
riffs and beautiful melodies paired with technical solos
take the listener on this dramatic journey through the
phases of life.
Ranging from bone-breaking-in-your-face metal to
heartmelting acoustic sonades and jazzy chord
sequences – THE LAST CELL clearly illustrates
that versatility  is his strong suit.