Do you want me to collaborate on your project? I play all sorts of styles am very open-minded when it comes to all sorts of genres. If you want I can help you out with songwriting or record a guest solo for you.

I work with Cubase 10.5 and Studio One 5 and can send you the DI-signal recordings as well. 

If you are interested contact me. 

Rates are available on request and negotiable by project size and time requirements.


You need someone to programm you life-like drums ? Will do ! I will provide you with the Midi-Mapping, Midi file and a already mixed wav. file. 

You will have the option between different sounding drums, that suit your project. 



Live Gig

You want The Last Cell to play in your city / your location. 

Contact me !

The Last Cell

Austrian Instrumental Progressive Metal DM for collabs/sessions/skype lessons 

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